Why Choose Cloverleaf Jewelry?

Hear's Why!
Reason 1:  If you only wear one necklace for the rest of your life, I hope it's a Cloverleaf Necklace.  Most of my designs are made with simplicity, comfort and lasting quality in mind so you can sleep, shower and go without thinking about what necklace you're going to choose today.  
Before I started making jewelry, I wore one or two pairs of earrings and one necklace all the time.  My mom vacationed in Mexico every year and my souvenir was jewelry.  I would wear the new earrings and/or necklace until next year's trip.

I definitely understand that changing your jewelry everyday is not for everyone so Cloverleaf Jewelry offers designs that you can choose once and done!
Reason 2: Cloverleaf Jewelry offers excellent Customer Service.  Again, LASTING QUALITY!  If you ever have any issues, the return policy is fairly simple.  Get in touch and I'll make sure you're happy!  If that means a replacement, ok!  A refund, of course!  Lost an earring? Send me a picture and I'll do my very best to replicate it and only charge you for one earring.
Reason 3:  I, Tammy, Owner, designer, marketer and janitor at Cloverleaf Jewelry, am a dedicated supporter of multiple charities close to my heart and of my fellow creators and artisans.  


I make monthly donations to different charities that have touched my heart over the years.  

-Days for Girls,  Read my thoughts about this amazing endeavor here

-St Jude's Children's Hospital:
In 2017, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  To honor her and her fight for her health, Cloverleaf profits go to St Jude's, a hospital that my mom has always been a supporter of by purchasing ornaments designed by the children at the hospital for each of her children and grandchildren at Christmas (her favorite holiday!)

-My Fellow Artists
I use Patreon ton donate to some of my favorite artists.  It's super easy to set up an account and most artists only ask for $1 a month so they can continue to create.  
-Fowl Language Comics

At every show I attend, I try to purchase at least one piece of art by a fellow artist.  I love pottery and wall art, which is why I'm currently running out of wall space at my house.
Some of my favorite artists:
Laura Sussman Randall  http://www.laurasussmanrandall.com
Jannett  https://www.facebook.com/JennetArt
Luis Ardila http://www.ardilaart.com
Peaceful Path Pottery https://www.facebook.com/peacefulpathpottery/
Sarah Sunshine Pottery http://sarahsunshinepottery.com
Reason 4:  A Bevy of Happy Customers!
Read a few reviews that Cloverleaf Jewelry has received since it's start in 2008:
"I love this bracelet...Thanks for the timely delivery..."
"I initially ordered these earrings in gold and loved them so much I went back and later order a silver pair. Customer service was top-notch...Would definitely shop with Cloverleaf again!"
"Absolutely love this. Would definitely buy again!"
"Delicate and beautiful. Luv my purchase."
"Gorgeous! One of my most favorite necklaces - I get compliments on it every time I wear it!"
"Very delicate and unique--and arrived very quickly!"
"Beautiful and quite funky earrings."
"My favorite jewelry to wear! Thank you so much"