Give a Girl a Day

Feminine Hygiene. Gals in the USA don’t think too much about it after those first awkward months of learning how to deal with it. But it’s not like that in other parts of the world and until I saw something on social media, I wasn’t aware that women and girls in these countries had to deal with a stigma surrounding it that defies modernity.

In third-world countries, women and girls of menstruating age may not go to work or school while they have their monthlies. Five days out of every month. Lost pay. Lost education. Always behind. Just because they’re girls. I am outraged. I am heartbroken.

One organization hopes to change that. Days for Girls International provides quality, sustainable feminine hygiene products to girls in countries where there is little or no access. See the handmade kit, sewn by volunteers all over the globe, HERE!

Along with the products, Days for Girls International provides education and empowerment.

While not affiliated with Days for Girls, Cloverleaf Handcrafted Jewelry makes a monthly donation from profits.