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Valentine's Day... Or Not!

Tamra Morris on
Valentine's Day... Or Not!

As of October 14, 2015, I have been married 20 years to my best friend!  We met in college as Biology Lab Partners and never looked back.  We used to half-heartedly celebrate Valentine's Day but about 10 years ago, just kind of quit.  Restaurants are always so crowded and there just seemed to be an expectation that we, as a couple, had to DO Valentine's Day.  No Thanks!  We decided that we weren't going to let a manufactured holiday tell us when to express our love~

We're huge Netflix watchers (who isn't?) and found Parks and Rec after it's first season.  We loved it and I am now a HUGE Leslie Knope fan!  Leslie Knope found a different way to celebrate in February and called it Galentine's Day!  It's February 13th and I think it's a beautiful idea: Celebrate your Girl Buddies!  Females don't do this enough and WE NEED TO.  I am so very grateful for my female friendships because there was a time that I didn't have any and it can get lonely out there, especially if you have an all male family (except for the girl cat, but she can't go get a pedi with me...)

So go call your girl friends on or around February 13 and hang out or go shopping or get a pedi together.  FOSTER YOUR GIRL TRIBE THIS MONTH!