Gift Giving 2015-Wrap Bracelets

A favorite in the Cloverleaf Jewelry Collection is the Leather Wrap Bracelet.  Having several bracelets of different types stacked on your forearm is a fun way to express yourself and, unlike your necklace and earrings, you can actually see and admire what you're wearing! Click a photo for details on each bracelet~

First up is the hole hearted bracelet.  A cute little play on the word hole-hearted, this bracelet works for gals of all ages, 15-50!


The side cross bracelet is a perfect way to express your faith with your accessories!  Add a word or charms to create a personalized gift.


Looking for something simple?  Take a look at these leather wrap charm bracelets


Each bracelet, including the charm or centerpiece is handcrafted in the Cloverleaf Jewelry Studio in Mint Hill, NC, including these leather wrap wire centerpiece bracelets:


Every Leather Wrap Bracelet is available in an array of colors so click on a photo to see what's available.  Cloverleaf Leather Bracelets make a fun, cherished gift for anyone ~ which one goes on YOUR list?

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