Where to Put All This Jewelry?

Over the years, I've collected quite a bit of jewelry.  Only half (or less) of which I wear on a daily basis.  I've got OPS aka "Oooh Pretty" Syndrome.  All of this jewelry has landed in a white porcelain tray and if I do want to wear something for a special occasion, I spend about 10 minutes untangling or searching for the lost sister of the one earring that I found.  My everyday earrings hang from the side of a white porcelain cup that holds my q-tips.  So if I need a q-tip, I usually end up knocking earrings off.  It's a dilemma!

I started looking through Etsy to find a jewelry organizer to hang on the wall and just can't make up my mind so thought I would share my choices and see what you think~  (Click on the photos to go to the page)

First the larger organizers:

Option 1:

Hanging earring organizer
Just thought this was a neat idea to hang the organizer from a hook on a stand.  It's made by Glamour Grid and can hold earrings with both ear wires, posts and hoops so it's very versatile. 

Option 2:Pallet jewelry holder / jewelry display /rustic jewelry organizer in distressed turquoise, one of a kind

I love the rusticity of this organizer made by Hanky Planky.  It also comes in different colors! 

Option 3:

This wall-hanging jewelry organizer by millie moments has a modern and simple design. Very lovely!

Just for fun:

I think I remember having this for my earrings when I was a young girl!

Retro Metal Daisy Earring Holder Revere 1970s

And now the smaller table-top earring holders to replace the q-tip cup:

Option 1:

Amethyst Purple Earring Holder
This earring holder by Barb Pots has a beautiful, simple design and the color is Amethyst.  How can I not?

Option 2:

Jewellery  holder earring holder jewelry pedestal earring pedestal earring storage Olive Green
This one! This one is a beautiful, yet practical piece of art by Avalon Pottery!  And I do believe it comes in different colors so I'm thinking about asking the artist at Etsy if purple is available...gotta love that~

Last one:

I'm including this jewelry holder by Lotus Oro because it's so unique and something I would never think to use but I know a few hipster chicks that would LOVE it!
Gold dinosaur jewelry holder on piece of olive wood. (Jewelry tree)
Remember you can see any of these for yourself by clicking on the photo!
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