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Fall 2016 Jewelry Trends

Though I am a self-professed, non-keeper-upper with Fashion Trends (jeans and t-shirts never go out of style, right?), I'm always curious to see the newest jewelry fashions from The Runway.

Here's what Style Caster says about Fall 2016:

~Plate-shaped Stones~

Large, richly detailed Agate plate stones create a striking focal point.




Carried over from Fall 2015, tassels are still making an appearance:


~Extra Large Necklaces~

While beautiful works of art, my hope is that these necklaces decrease in size a bit as they trickle down into everyday fashion...


~Modern, Minimalist Earrings~

Though the designs are beautiful and intriguing, Louis Vuitton and I have very different ideas of what "Minimalist" means.


~Safety Pins~

Having been a teenager in the post-punk 80's, this makes me laugh; but I love that safety pins have made it to the Runway!



And if you're wondering why I, a jewelry maker known for simplicity, would look to the fashion industry for what's coming next, I can't put it better than Miranda Priestly, AKA The Devil "who" Wears Prada:

If you would like to check out more Fall 2015 Jewelry Trends, head over to Style Caster's Slideshow.


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